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The Struggle To Achieve An Immigration Reform Through A Budget Reconciliation Continues

The struggle to Achieve an Immigration Reform through a Budget Reconciliation Continues

Last Friday, November 19, the House approved a landmark proposal that would benefit about 6.5 million people who have been in the United States before 2011. From this estimate, about 2 million immigrants would be eligible to eventually obtain permanent status as immediate relatives of US citizens.
The proposal includes granting a temporary work permit and a deportation protection program, known as “Parole” that would allow them to stay in the country for five years with the option to extend it for another five years, which Democrats believe has stronger prospects in the Senate.
The bill would restore unused family and work visas since 1992, and allow some foreign nationals to expedite applications to adjust to lawful permanent resident status and circumvent some numerical limits on visas, including per-country limits that have left hundreds of thousands in limbo.
The bill would also allow diversity visa lottery winners who were unable to complete their process or enter the US due to Covid-19 or Trump-era immigration restrictions to reapply. Likewise, it would provide about $ 2.8 billion to USCIS.
The measure still faces an uncertain fate between the Senate and the Parliamentarian. If it passes, it would be the most significant change in the last decades to begin to mend our broken immigration system.

Carlos Sandoval

Carlos Enrique Sandoval, Attorney, member of the FL Bar, AILA and licensed to practice law by the Supreme Court and the Federal Court for the Southern District of Florida.

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