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Employment Immigration

EB-1A Alien of Extraordinary Ability

An EB1A is an immigrant visa in the EB1 category that is reserved for foreign workers of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts…

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EB-1B Outstanding Researcher or Professor

An “Outstanding Researcher or Professor” EB-1B petition is for those who are internationally recognized as outstanding in…

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EB-1C Manager & Executive Transfer

EB-1C is one of the several categories established by the United States Congress for attaining U.S. lawful Permanent Residence…

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EB-2 Advanced Degree Professionals

The second preference category of employment-based immigration includes two major subcategories: members of professions…

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EB-3 Foreign National Skilled and Working Professionals

The EB-3 employment visa is an immigrant visa which allows foreign nationals who are skilled workers, professionals or other…

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EB-4 Special Immigrants

Over the years, several laws have been passed covering special categories of immigrants who qualify for a Green Card…

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EB-5 Investors

The EB-5, Green Card through investment, was created to promote investments in businesses and to create and preserve jobs…

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Labor Certification

A Permanent Foreign Labor Certification from the Department of Labor (DOL) allows U.S. employers to hire foreign workers to…

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