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Gabriela Archila-Ruiz, Paralegal

Gabriela Archila-Ruiz joined Carlos E. Sandoval, P.A. in 2016 as a clerk. She was then promoted in less than one year to Paralegal. Gabriela finished her bachelor’s degree in law in 2012 obtaining her title as an Attorney in Venezuela. She obtained her master’s in labor law in 2018.

Originally from Venezuela, Gabriela immigrated to the United States in 2016. She is currently enrolled in school to get her License homologated and eventually become an Immigration Attorney. The fact that Gabriella is bi-lingual in both English and Spanish is a great asset to communicate with our clients, making them feel more comfortable speaking their native language.

Carlos E. Sandoval, Esq.


Carlos Sandoval, Sr.

Law Clerk

Amanda Gagliano, Esq.


Lucia Ariza.

Attorney in Colombia

Jessica Garcia.


Lisbeth Escalier.

Sr business inmigration paralegal
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