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What is the NIW?

It is an employment-based visa that does not require sponsorship. The NIW “national interest waiver” means that the U.S. government exempts the applicant from the requirement of a job offer.


  • Demonstrate an Advanced degree or exceptional ability.
  • Must submit a professional proposal to the United States.
  • The proposal has substantial merit and national significance.

Today there are different alternatives to immigrate to the United States through benefits such as investment, business or employment consequences.

Each case requires a legal analysis of the requirements that must be met in order to apply.

Immigration rules are changing, so it is necessary to be constantly updated on new developments in these procedures and new governmental provisions.

  • This is a self-petitioned process which does not require the sponsorship by an employer.
  • No offer of employment required.
  • No labor certification required.
  • Permanent Green Card is granted.
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