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Carlos Sandoval, Sr Ayudante legal

Carlos Sr. was born in Medellin, Colombia on July 16, 1951. He attended in Catholic schools until the 3rd year of high school. He began to work at the early age of 15 and switched to evening school until he graduated. He has always been passionate about the arts, which is why he enrolled in the Institute of Fine Arts to engage in a theater course, which lasted 4 years. Later, he met his wife Marleny at school and got married. They had 3 children.

In 1979 him and his family moved to Cartagena where he enrolled in the University to pursue a bachelor’s in Journalism. While he was participating in a Poetry Competition, he was offered a job with the host radio station. He landed 2 radio programs in La Voz de las Estrellas. One show was focused on Tangos and the other looking for talent: singers and poets. He remained there until 1990 when he decided to migrate to the United States. The radio station honored him with a farewell where they dedicated the show in its entirety to him.

He arrived in Miami and began to work. His first job was at Fisher Island and lasted about 11 years. He also worked at Barry University’s cafeteria, at ALTIRA which is a manufacturer of plastic bottles and even with one of his sons’ company repairing Air Conditioners.

In the year 2000 he published an online book called “Aquellos Compañeros de Teatro” which was based on the story of his 4 years at the Institute for Fine Arts that meant a great deal in his life. The book did so well that it won 3rd place in a book competition at Miami Dade College. He took a one ‘sabbatical’ year in his home country.

Once back in the US he began to work at Carlos E Sandoval, PA on October 31, 2016 as a Legal Clerk. To this day, Carlos Sr. passion for the Arts is intact, he continues to listen to music, especially Tangos. He says that poetry is found in tangos and that is why they are his favorite. He continues to work at his son’s law firm where he is greatly appreciated and beloved.

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